Film and trim recycling machines

It’s perfectly normal for every manufacturing process to involve some form of scrap production, this can be reprocessed and fed directly back into your extruder, immediately saving up to 10% on trims. At Wittey Machinery, we can help you save on manufacturing costs, freeing up funds for other ventures. Our industry-leading machinery comes with a whole host of optional features, including metal detectors and double-vented barrels. Not sure if a trim recycling machine is right for your business? Contact our experts today.

A whole host of suitable applications

Our trim recycling machines are perfect for a wide range of manufacturing processes, and are often used for:

  • T-shirt bag cut off
  • Crushed materials
  • Flakes of plastic
  • Different types of film
  • A whole host of other materials

Is a trim recycling machine the right choice for my business?

There’s a good chance that a trim recycling machine will help boost your business’s profitability. We’ve provided such machines for a wide range of businesses, and they’ve all experienced the real benefits of our experience and our consultancy. Such businesses include plastic bag manufacturers, film printers, and plastic moulders. Why not join other successful businesses and push your company to the forefront of the industry today? Contact your local experts and see what we can do for you.

A trim recycling machine could be exactly what your business needs. To find out more or to ask any questions, contact our experts or fill out our contact form.